Call' N Out Origin

September 25, 2019

Everything starts with TruStory, I did see this article TruStory, a new startup, just raised $3 million to identify ICO scams before they happen on Techcrunch and that spark my curiosity for the obvious reason that I hate bullshit and the ICO market was full of it. From there I apply to be on their TruStory Expert program and voila I start contributing to TruStory mission, which consisted of validating claims on the crypto industry and participating to lecture and live talk with industry leaders, that was quite fun.

Inside the TruStory Slack workspace, we have a #crypto-memes category to expose our meme game, we all know how much the crypto community love meme.

April 17 I drop the Call’ N Out meme slide deck, the original one was focused on TruStory mission, I slightly modified the slide to remove confusion about Call’ N Out raison d’être. The initial reaction was quite good, calling my meme game as tha bomb lol...

For whatever reason, the idea just keep bouncing in my head, we always say that driving is 90% about the vision, I always say is the same for business, nothing on the market look like Call’ N Out and I personally believe is the right timing.

Almost four months later the original idea we are building a fantastic team and get ready to make a massive statement in the media business. We will move fast and swift, the train is coming and If Call’ N Out mission statement ring a bell to you jump on board, you are more then welcome to join our guestlist.

On the same token, I encourage you to go on TruStory if you like debating without yelling, the community is great.